Liverton Technology Group Limited

Liverton is delighted to announce the merging of three great companies into one.  Liverton, Vistagate International and iDataRoam have joined forces.  Same exceptional quality and expertise, more options!

Liverton: innovative products and services to improve the use of technology for our customers. We have developed several licenced products, including: inGOT, inSIDE, LiveTXT, LiveDATA.  We are SEEMail experts.  The Liverton Secure Gateway v3.0 is an accredited SEEMail v3 gateway.

Vistagate: high-speed and wireless internet services for the accommodation sector.  Our infrastructure and billing solution is able to provide outstanding internet services to hotels, motels,  student accommodation centres and apartments.

iDataRoam: is a market leader and global provider of data and mobile roaming solutions for both businesses and international travellers.  With customers like Hertz, Ace Rental Card and InterCity coach lines, iDataRoam is the best way for international travellers to stay connected when travelling through the country.