Liverton Technology Group aims to develop creative and innovative solutions to improve the quality of technology for our customers. We have developed a range of products for various markets around the world. Our current product range includes:    
Data Loss Protection (DLP) tool used to help prevent privacy breaches by email from Outlook, Outlook Web Access, and mobile devices.    
A policy engine equipped with rich anti-virus, anti-spam, DLP, and encryption technology, designed to help manage the privacy and security of email in an organisation.    
Powerful encryption system designed to protect the privacy of communications between approved New Zealand Government Agencies, overseen by the Department of Internal Affairs.    
An innovative hotel check-in / check-out kiosk solution designed to help speed up guest checking facilities to provide a greater guest experience, and improve accommodation provider efficiency.    
Vistagate –¬†Internet Managed Internet & ISP
A turnkey solution for providing high-speed internet to high-density accommodation. Vistagate is a fully managed internet system that gives management control over how users access and use high-speed internet. Vistagate allows guests to monitor, select plans and make payments for their internet connection. ISP services cover both copper and fibre to sites across New Zealand. With competitive pricing, and great internet speeds.    
iDataRoam (iDR)
Wireless 3G/4G mobile wireless internet solution designed to help rental providers or passenger service companies provide easy internet access to their customers whereever they are as long as they are in mobile coverage range. Great for Campervan or Car Rental companies, or bus companies. Liverton Technology Group also specialises in technology consulting, with highly trained and experienced industry experts on hand to help your business develop successfully. If you would like to know more about the services we provide, please call us on +64 4 931 9320, or email sales@liverton.com