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Case Study – Metropolitan At The 9

“This project is unique because we are incorporating existing office spaces, a landmark structure and new construction into a mixed use facility that requires a very flexible communication network infrastructure, as well as an environmental control system that can maintain occupant comfort while providing maximum energy savings. The EcoSmart system from Telkonet Inc. was the clear choice with its wide range of data capture and reporting capability to simplify the management of a complete property. Marriott’s high end Autograph Collection brand focuses on a unique, luxury experience and the EcoSmart energy management system has proven to achieve the balance of guest comfort and energy savings.”

Keith Halfmann, COO – Geis Hospitality Group


Metropolitan At The 9


Customer Challenges:

  • Clearly capture data and reporting capability to simplify management

  • Improve operational efficiencies

  • Incorporate existing office spaces, a landmark structure and new construction into a mixed use facility



EcoSmart Energy Management

Annual Energy Savings:


EcoSmart Energy Savings

The building where Metropolitan at the 9 now stands was originally constructed in 1906 as a bank. In a project referred to simply as The 9, it was completely renovated in 2014. The 9 has been converted into an upscale downtown space offering hotel, apartment and condominium living. As part of their renovation, Metropolitan at the 9 chose the EcoSmart platform as their energy management solution. In total, EcoSmart controls energy consumption in 376 individual living spaces.

EcoSmart is expected to save approximately $30,000 annually in energy costs, or 20% of their estimated energy bills compared with no energy management solution. And with EcoSmart’s proprietary Recovery Time technology, Metropolitan at the 9 is able to achieve energy savings without compromising resident comfort.

Jason Tienor, CEO of Telkonet said, “The 9 project is an ideal showcase for Telkonet’s converged technologies. We’re pleased to add EcoSmart intelligent energy management platform in this distinctive property to help minimize their carbon footprint and keep their construction and operating expenses to a minimum.”

Improved Operational Efficiency

The building engineers utilize EcoCentral extensively and appreciate the improved operational efficiencies it affords them. They stated, “we can see where [engineers] need to go from our office to solve a problem or an issue before we leave the office”. They continued, “This keeps them from wasting time…this system helps us every day.”

Telkonet’s EcoSmart energy management system features the EcoInsight networked intelligent thermostat and is projected to reduce equipment runtime by 32% and overall energy use by 20%.The two systems were designed with interoperability in mind as the EcoSmart suite of equipment operates using ZigBee wireless mesh on radio channels outside of the typical Wi-Fi frequencies. Telkonet’s EcoCentral web platform will provides ownership with alerting and reporting functionality to ensure the system and property are in optimal condition.

Lead Engineer Matt First is very happy with the product and the service. Says First, “The EcoCare support staff is knowledgeable and able to keep [our engineers] going at all times”.

Telkonet EcoSmart Platform Authorised Supplier

Telkonet is a leader in intelligent automation and commercial internet of things (IOT) space. Liverton Technology Group are the authorised supplier and installer in New Zealand and can provide a the full suite of Telkonet products to modernize your hotel.

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