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Is Self Service Ruining Customer And Staff Interactions?

Self-service check-in and check-out kiosks are automated software or digital touch panels that work as an alternative to the conventional front desk service.

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It’s widely agreed that with the hectic pace of modern life, and particularly in the wake of covid-19, hotels that embrace the advantages of check-in/out kiosks will gain an edge over their competitors.

For some, self-service kiosks feel counter-intuitive. The hospitality sector aims to deliver a personalized service, and many hoteliers regard self-service kiosks as counterproductive in that regard. However, an increasing number of holiday-makers appreciate the flexibility and freedom a self service kiosk gives them whilst staying in a hotel, and it can actually allow your front-line staff to provide a better guest experience.

There’s a myth that self service is too impersonal a process for hotels to adopt. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, it gives staff the freedom to have more meaningful and personal conversations with guests.

Automated check-in kiosks take much of the workload off staff, so they can concentrate on more important things. This could include offering recommendations to guests who want to go sightseeing or just chatting to guests to make them feel welcome. These things enable hotels to make a positive impression on customers and increase the chance of repeat bookings.

Whether hotel owners just want a basic self-check-in kiosk or a kiosk that allows guests to control other elements of their booking, Smartcheck technology can help them accomplish their key objectives in an eye-catching manner. The kiosks can be positioned in a lounge area, close to the reception desk, or anywhere else that customers can use them. Smartcheck kiosks are modern, customizable and don’t take up huge amounts of space, meaning they’ll complement the hotel decoration.

Leading hotels including Meriton, Sofitel, The Venetian, Marriot and more have chosen Smartcheck to automate their front desk. Smartcheck has processed hundreds of thousands guest check ins and outs over the last 9 years. The software and hardware is customized and designed per client to meet their specific wants and needs including custom greetings and branding.

Along with kiosks, Smartcheck also have a hotel a custom app which allows guests to pre-check before arriving and go straight to their room at any time using their digital mobile key.


Smartcheck by Liverton manufacture and create complex and innovative self-service software solutions and have worked with a number of Hotel groups over the last few years focusing on self-service hotel check-in/check-out kiosk project and self-service ticketing kiosks allowing guests to check-in and check-out of Hotel properties worldwide without needing to wait in a long line or visit a front desk.

Liverton employ a dedicated team of highly talented software developers and have offices in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and USA. We specialise in difficult and complex software developments and deployments in particular multi-system software integrations.

Because of the quality of development and solutions we deploy, major international systems providers and integrators, such as IBM, Oracle and most recently Infor recognise us as a preferred supplier and partner plus more.

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