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Jucy’s new Snooze Pod uses SmartCheck kiosk

Check-in to Jucy’s Snooze Pod using our SmartCheck kiosk

Jucy’s Snooze Pod’s give weary travelers the opportunity to get some well needed shut eye whilst waiting for flights in and out of Christchurch. Each room consists of 8 pod’s that have the basic amenities one would expect. Including control over lighting, USB chargers and temperature control. A secure storage locker is available below for valuables and a roll down blind gives guests privacy in their pod.

Jucy takes it one step further and implements Liverton’s SmartCheck kiosk to automate the Check-in process. Within minutes of arriving at the hotel, guests can check themselves in and be on their way to their room, no waiting in line required. The kiosk allows guests to check-in at any time, without the need for staff interaction. Unique room keys are dispensed to give access to the booked room. New bookings and payments can be made directly on the kiosk for those who haven’t pre-booked rooms.

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