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Kiosks live at Sands Hotels

Liverton are excited to announce the recent deployment of a brand new kiosk solution for The Venetian Hotel in Macau. The kiosks are part of an end to end solution designed by Liverton to dramatically improve the customer check in and check out process at The Sands Hotel Group hotels, while also improving cash handling processes, room key issuing and retrieval, as well as security and ledger management.

The custom build SmartCheck kiosk allows guests at the 3000 room luxury hotel, to check in and out with their passport or another form of identification at one of the many installed kiosks, avoiding the need for hotel customers to wait at reception for available staff. SmartCheck is also integrated with the Casino and the Sands Loyalty Program. The SmartCheck kiosks are configured at The Venetian to handle multiple currencies and payments as well as provide security and ledger handling services.

Liverton will be working with The Sands Hotel Group to continue to improve and streamline customer automation processes with integrated solutions such as the SmartCheck equipped kiosks, as well as deeper integrated solutions using facial recognition technology, RFID and magnetic integration, OCR and connectivity with mobile and mobile app solutions.


Liverton manufacture and create complex and innovative self-service software solutions and have worked with a number of Hotel groups over the last few years focussing on self-service hotel check-in/check-out kiosk project and self-service ticketing kiosks allowing guests to check-in and check-out of Sands properties in Macau without needing to wait in a long line or visit a front desk.

Liverton employ a dedicated team of highly talented software developers and have offices in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and USA. We specialise in difficult and complex software developments and deployments in particular multi-system software integrations.

Because of the quality of development and solutions we deploy, major international systems providers and integrators, such as IBM and Oracle, recognise us a preferred supplier and partner. We have partnership status with Oracle worldwide, and within Asia Pacific, and also IBM in Asia Pacific.



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