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Platform Integration Enables More Hotels to Adopt Contactless Hotel Technology

With the on-going repercussions of the global pandemic heavily affecting the hospitality industry, the urgency for adopting new strategies and technologies have become a top investment priority for many hotels.

Over the last month Liverton Technology Group’s development team have been completing integrations between two key hospitality platforms, Liverton self-service Smartcheck system and Infor. This integration qualifies Smartcheck kiosk and app software to function seamlessly with Infor’s property management system. Those properties who use Infor HMS can now implement contactless and self-service check-in/out solutions via Smartcheck’s platform.

SmartCheck is a self-service check-in/out kiosk and mobile app solution for hotels and private accommodation providers. Using SmartCheck, a hotel operator can streamline the guest check-in/out processes by implementing staff-less and automated services, reducing operating costs, and giving time back to hotel staff to provide a personalized service.

The Smartcheck software suite provides the following key services to hotels:

  • ​Contactless & Self-Service Check-in/out

  • Bill settlement & Guest Authorisation

  • Guest Pre-Registration/Pre-Check-in

  • Room & Package Upsell.

  • Physical & Digital Room Keys Room Keys

  • Physical & Digital Guest Receipts

  • Minibar Ordering

  • Create Bookings + Walk Up

Smartcheck is currently deploying multiple kiosk and app solutions globally across 7 countries.

“This integration is a critical step in the right direction into impacting more hotels and their consumers. Here at Liverton we understand the importance of our software and how it impacts our clients and real-life consumers. Smartcheck has the ability to both improve customer experience and streamline clients operating costs during a difficult time for the hospitality industry .”

Justin DeLille, Liverton Technology Group CEO

For more information, please contact:

Justin De Lille, Liverton CEO




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