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Mobile Check-in/out

Upsell Options & Payment

Digital Key Entry

Mobile Applications for Enhanced Hotel Experiences

A Contactless mobile solution for check-in, check-out, keyless entry, upsells, food and beverage ordering, activities, chatbots, bookings and more

SmartCheck Mobile

One App, for Everything.

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Available on Google Play & App Store - Download it Today.

Download on the App Store
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Package & Room Upsell

Users of the SmartCheck mobile can be presented with package & room upsell opportunities before they arrive at your hotel.

Online Pre-Registration

SmartCheck Web makes it easy for your guests to complete registration before they download the mobile app.

SmartCheck Mobile makes it possible for anyone who has SmartCheck app to bypass the tedious process of checking in or out of hotels. Guests skip lines and use the app to go directly to their room with self-check-in, check-out, mobile room key, upsells (which can also include other hotel services), direct booking, food & beverage orders, activity bookings – all managed from one convenient app-based location.

Whether you are an individual hotelier or part of a larger chain, SmartCheck Mobile provides high-quality mobile hospitality applications tailored to the needs of your business. With the option to create your own stand-alone app, or join our shared app model with competitive pricing options, SmartCheck mobile is designed just for you.

Our Full-Service Mobile App

Step 1

Provide your guest self check-in.

How it Works

SmartCheck™ Mobile connects directly to your property management system (e.g. Opera), takes payment, provides digital room keys and staff engagement features. Use SmartCheck™ Mobile software to:

Step 2

Offer your guests a chance to buy extras before they check-in.

Step 3

Ability to unlock their room and common doors from their phone.

Step 4

Check out, settle their bill, and leave. No need to return the key, or see reception.

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