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Aiden Darling Harbour Automates the Guest Check-In

4-star Aiden hotel, a new boutique offering in Darling Harbour, Sydney, offers guests automated check-in and out with digital key, all provided by Liverton.

Representing a brand-new brand in the Australian market, Aiden hotel was focused on standing out with high quality finishes, and a high technology offering, offering guests automated and staff less check-in and out alongside a mobile app based digital key solution.

More Flexibility, Less Staff

A key part of the Aiden hotel offering is high quality, affordable rooms, with a high technology focus around guest experience and ease of use. Attention to detail is a must, and so is enlisting the best automated technologies to guide guests from beginning to end.

This is why Aiden hotel chose Liverton to provide the best in breed of check-in and out tablet kiosks and mobile applications via its SmartCheck self-service product and solution. SmartCheck has helped to streamline the process and relieve staff from the time-consuming check-in process, to becoming lobby ambassadors whom will further help the hotel provide deeper guest experience and customer engagement while allowing technology to streamline check-in and check-out.

So far the kiosks have been a huge success with around 40-50% of all guests processing check-in or check-out via these terminals, and they are often used over a staff member. Hotel ROI on this technology will be easily achieved at these rates and staffing costs have been able to be reduced accordingly.

"It has been privilege to partner with Aiden hotel as they bring a design forward new brand into the Australian market, which is using technology as a key guest experience differentiator. We are proud to see such success being achieved by the property with the Smartcheck suite of self-service products.”

Liverton CEO, Justin De Lille

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