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Liverton expands in Asia with significant Hong Kong ferry deal

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Liverton signs major kiosk deal with Cotai Water Jet, 12 May 2016.

Building on recent success in Asia, Liverton is proud to be working with Cotai Water Jet, the premier high-speed ferry service between Hong Kong and Macao.

Liverton has been chosen to supply Cotai Water Jet with new ticketing kiosks that allow customers to purchase ferry tickets and redeem existing reservations. Automating the ticketing service will further improve the high standard of customer-focused service provided by Cotai Water Jet. The kiosks will be delivered later this year.

“This deal builds on our existing market presence in Asia and we are delighted to work with world class companies such as Cotai Water Jet. We look forward to working with Cotai Water Jet to bring further innovation to their customers.”

Liverton CEO Justin De Lille

Liverton recently signed a major contract with a major casino chain to supply check in/out kiosks for the chain’s hotels based in Macau and is in the process of responding to significant interest in its technology in the Asian region.

Launched in 2007, Cotai Water Jet has been operating for nearly 10 years, providing passage between Hong Kong and Macao to 52 million passengers, with over 80 sailings per day. The company is at the forefront in offering customers first-class service at affordable prices.


Liverton Technology Group Limited is a New Zealand head quartered technology provider specialising in world leading kiosks, security software, ISP, networking and consultancy services. Liverton has offices in New Zealand, Philippines, Australia and Hong Kong as well as a presence in USA.

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